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If you find variety to be the spice of life, Santa Monica’s 220 Fitness is for you. It’s all about unique, innovative workouts like Surfset, which takes place on an unstable surfboard-like apparatus that engages the core and stabilizer muscles like no other. Then there’s Kanggo, where you’ll run and perform plyometric exercises targeting the inner thighs and glutes while wearing springy boots. Buti and XY classes combine things like tribal dance, power yoga, and high-intensity drills for effective toning and — in the case of XY — calorie-burning for 36 hours after the fact.




GGG is back at 220 Fitness!


WWE Diva, Summer Rae, has Photo Shoot at 220 Fitness


220 Members, Dig the Kid, Perform at Summer SOULstice 2015!


Bombshell Sportswear Photo Shoot at 220 Fitness!


Riff Raff Shoot Newest Music Video at 220 Fitness!


220 Voted “#2 Gym in the Nation!” – The Huffington Post


220 is “Most Loved Gym in Santa Monica” – Buy Local Santa Monica


220 Voted “Top 10 Gyms in LA” – LA Weekly


Middleweight World Champion, Gennady Golovkin, has his open workout at 220 Fitness!


ABC 7 Visits 220 Fitness

CBSLA Visits 220 Fitness

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Matteo Baker of 220 Fitness on LA TALK LIVE



Matteo Baker, founder of 220 Fitness at its Santa Monica gym. Photo by Westside People

Matteo Baker, founder of 220 Fitness at its Santa Monica gym. Photo by Westside People

When it comes to running a fitness gym, Matteo Baker has done it all. After a decade working for Gold’s Gym, eventually as vice president in Indonesia, Baker launched his own gym called 220 Fitness on Main Street in Santa Monica.

“I knew that the way we were trending in this business that fitness was evolving into people wanting more of a total body experience versus just hitting some weights,” Baker said. Read More







Carmen Electra Visits 220 Fitness


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Up Front With Matteo Baker, CEO/Founder Of 220 Fitness

After more than 16 years in the Gym Industry working nationally on both coasts for big name companies, Matteo Baker decided to open his own gym in the form of 220 Fitness in Santa Monica to create a unique gym experience.

His experience is vast and ranges from corporate branding, training development in many positions, implementation of company systems, sales, marketing, and production to consistently meet financial goals in the fitness industry.

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Winning the Heart of Santa Monica

How can you tell if your club is cutting edge? Being approached by MTV to participate in a reality show may be one indicator. In 2011, 220 Fitness, a club in Santa Monica, Calif., was asked by MTV to appear in the show “Chelsea Settles,” a documentary series about a recent college graduate pursuing a career in the fashion industry in Los Angeles.

“MTV approached [us] a little over a year ago in regards to a new show they were casting for,” explained Matteo Baker, the founder and owner of 220 Fitness. “They liked 220’s atmosphere, the talented staff and the fact we were new and hip. We were introduced to Chelsea and she was a sweetheart. All of the staff was pulling for her. Watching her lose the weight, while feeling and looking better, was a real joy. It’s the best part of being in this industry.”

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