220 Fitness Concepts and 220 Wellness are pleased to announce our phenomenal new Wellness Program. This program is truly unique and specific to meet the health and fitness needs of all our clients. Why are we so special? We are committed to assisting our members in creating balance, abundant health and functionality in the body. Our mission is to help restore strength and vitality, whether treating a current physical injury or implementing preventative care.

Our team of licensed and certified practitioners represent excellence in their respective fields, working in harmony to get you happy and healthy! We work with many healthcare insurances. If you qualify, there is little out of pocket expense to you!


Based on activating your body’s own resources. It is a scientific fact that your brain, spinal cord and nerves control self-maintaining and self-healing functions. Thus, when your nervous system is impaired through injury or stress, tissues and organs throughout the body may begin to function poorly.

This is the underlying cause of many health problems. When performing a Chiropractic adjustment, the Doctor of applies specifically channeled pressure to the joint that is misaligned. Restoring the vertebra’s normal motion allows the bones to gradually return to a more accurate position and enables your body to operate as it should by “doctoring” itself.

We accept most PPO Insurance call for more details 310 399 0220